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Ironman 4x4

Swag - King Single

Swag - King Single

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We love a swag as much as you do, so we’ve made some updates to what we believe is our best Ironman 4×4 swag yet. It’s even got an awning!

The new Ridge Pole Swag by Ironman 4×4 is a completely new design; moving away from the three-hoop concept of a traditional swag, to a simplified modern swags design consisting of a two-hoop frame with a tensioning centre ride pole. It’s not a new concept, but one that simplifies set-up and pack-up. It also offers greater volume, with no tapering at the waist and legs. Our camping swags are available in two sizes, so whether you need a humble swag for solo travellers, or you want more space for you and your partner, the Ironman 4×4 range of single and double swags will always have something to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

What’s really important in a ridge-pole design, is the quality of materials. A genuine 420gsm poly-cotton canvas gives the swag structural integrity in the dome to minimize drooping. The base is constructed of a 600gsm PVC, but again here what really matters is the height of the base, which wraps 100mm up the swag walls. This depth is what protects you and the mattress from groundwater seepage in inclement weather.

Let’s talk mattresses! This is no eggshell mattress with a deceptive height to density ratio, we’re talking a full 70mm of high density foam mattress bedding wrapped in canvas; there’ll be no
peas felt here princess!


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