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Ironman 4x4

Portable Battery Box

Portable Battery Box

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We don’t ever truly appreciate power, until we don’t have it.  Black-outs at home are an instance that highlight the priority we put on power. No lights, no fridge, no connectivity = no fun!

The simplest solution for campers who haven’t invested in a dual-battery set up, or those who want a genuinely portable and versatile solution, you can’t look past a well-equipped battery box. Simply place your battery in the Battery Box, and away you go!

The Portable Battery Box with its available outlets is suitable to run a number of different powered devices; some of the most popular including:

  • 12v portable and car fridges
  • Phone and device chargers
  • Camping lights
  • Sound systems
  • Portable 12-volt camp ovens

The outlets are capable of up to 50 amps in 12v and can be bolstered with an appropriate invertor.


Inputs High Current Terminals & 50amp Anderson Plugs
Outputs 5v USB (1.0 / 2.1) 2 x 10amp 12v sockets, 2 x 50amp Anderson Plugs, high current terminals
Battery Compatibility Up to N70 Lead Acid, AGM, Lithium-ion

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